It's been awhile.

I attempted to get back into blogging as an escape from the pandemic, but I actually had some really great things I was doing.

2020 was a year for the records. Went to Palm Springs to visit family, came back super sick (tested positive or influenza A... prior to any of the tests for that something else would become available). Then the whole world went on lockdown. Well... sort of. People fought over wearing masks and science. A dumbfuck President told more and more lies every day. George Floyd. Trump tear gassed peaceful protesters so he could have a photo-op holding a bible upside down and backwards. Trump was impeached. Senate abdicated their responsibility. There was a toilet paper shortage. Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash.  A bunch of white dudes in Michigan stormed the capitol with rifles and bullet proof vests. Baby #2 was born. We hatched a bunch of chickens and think we're pretty lucky on the genetics. Person woman man camera TV. Massive wildfires. RBG died. A week before a Presidential election 65 million people had already voted in, Senate Republicans rammed through Trump's nominee to replace RBG (for reference, Mitch McConnell is probably a worse person than Trump -- he refused to consider Obama's pick for 293 days. ACB was confirmed ). Biden was elected. Trump lied and tried to get the election overturned in illegal ways. For 9 months, my father-in-law lived with us. 

Well... The garden received daily attention and grew and grew and grew. 60 tomato plants, 12 tomatillo, loads of broccoli, husk cherries, basil, cucumbers, squash, melon,  a field of sunflowers, peaches, apples, blackberries. Laid the foundation for the vineyard putting in irrigation mainline, headers and temporary end posts for 1/3 of the vineyard. this proved useful in stringing a few rows of poly tubing for irrigation while planting, keeping the other row headers capped.

This is my attempt to surmise a small portion of why my intention to write some mildly interesting miscellany didn't have much steam put behind it. I'll do better, if not for you, dear reader, but at least for my own edification. 

Written by Mark on Monday April 12, 2021
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