Telemetry Log to CSV

Java CLI for converting .tlog to .csv

So, really nothing fancy here. Just drop this jar wherever your APM Planner .tlog files are, cd to the directory, and run java -jar TLogToCSV.jar <filename.tlog>

You may wish to rename your .tlog files to use something other than a space for the datetime; otherwise, you can escape the space.

Download here: TLogToCSV.jar

Feedback is encouraged. I have got more in the works with planned parsing and sql inserts to possibly be done in python.

This should make visualizing your logs a whole lot easier.

UPDATE 6/9/2016...

I decided python was the way to go on further processing and here it is:

Now, this takes a while right now, as it's a bit hacked together and I haven't done any threading yet. You need to provide your own database, configuring line 1116 to match your setup.

Once you have done that, usage is simple. Take the .csv generated by the jar and python -i <filename.csv>

The script takes the filename, creates a table and populates it. Simple, yet I'm sure if you've got telemetry data, it's just the sauce you needed. If you have any ideas, drop me a line

Written by Mark on Saturday March 17, 2018
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